Unilateral Pseudo-Ainhum in Liver Cirrhosis

  • Uwe Wollina Department of Dermatology and Allergology, Städtisches Klinikum Dresden, Academic Teaching Hospital, Dresden, Germany
  • Michael Tirant Department of Dermatology, University of Rome “G. Marconi”, Rome, Italy
  • Aleksandra Vojvodic Military Medical Academy of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Veronica di Nardo Department of Dermatology, University of Rome “G. Marconi”, Rome, Italy
  • Torello Lotti Department of Dermatology, University of Rome “G. Marconi”, Rome, Italy; Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi, Vietnam
Keywords: Pseudo-ainhum, Ainhum, Liver Cirrhosis, Fibrosis


BACKGROUND: Pseudo-ainhum is defined as any case of autoâ€amputation not associated with the classic spontaneous ainhum seen in Africans with unknown etiology.

CASE PRESENTATION: A severely ill 58-year-old male patient presented with a painless constricting circular band on his left second toe. His medical history was remarkable for severe alcoholic liver cirrhosis with ascites formation leading to dyspnea. He had a hypoalbuminemia and a pronounced peripheral sensory neuropathy.

CONCLUSION: Here we present the second case of pseudo-ainhum associated with liver cirrhosis.


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Wollina U, Tirant M, Vojvodic A, di Nardo V, Lotti T. Unilateral Pseudo-Ainhum in Liver Cirrhosis. Open Access Maced J Med Sci [Internet]. 2019Sep.10 [cited 2021Jan.24];7(18):3013-4. Available from: https://www.id-press.eu/mjms/article/view/oamjms.2019.681

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