A Study of Noise Pollution Measurements and Possible Effects on Public Health in Ota Metropolis, Nigeria

  • Pelumi E. Oguntunde Department of Mathematics, Covenant University, Ogun State, Ota, Nigeria
  • Hilary I. Okagbue Department of Mathematics, Covenant University, Ogun State, Ota, Nigeria
  • Omoleye A. Oguntunde Department of Business Management, Covenant University, Ogun State, Ota, Nigeria
  • Oluwole A. Odetunmibi Department of Mathematics, Covenant University, Ogun State, Ota, Nigeria
Keywords: Environmental toxicity, Distribution, Nigeria, Noise Pollution, Public health


BACKGROUND: Noise pollution has become a major environmental problem leading to nuisances and health issues.

AIM: This paper aims to study and analyse the noise pollution levels in major areas in Ota metropolis. A probability model which is capable of predicting the noise pollution level is also determined.

METHODS: Datasets on the noise pollution level in 41 locations across Ota metropolis were used in this research. The datasets were collected thrice per day; morning, afternoon and evening. Descriptive statistics were performed, and analysis of variance was also conducted using Minitab version 17.0 software. Easy fit software was however used to select the appropriate probability model that would best describe the dataset.

RESULTS: The noise levels are way far from the WHO recommendations. Also, there is no significant difference in the effects of the noise pollution level for all the times of the day considered. The log-logistic distribution provides the best fit to the dataset based on the Kolmogorov Smirnov goodness of fit test.

CONCLUSION: The fitted probability model can help in the prediction of noise pollution and act as a yardstick in the reduction of noise pollution, thereby improving the public health of the populace.


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