Prescription of Antibiotics for Periodontal Disease among Dentists in the Region of Tirana

  • Besian Abazi Albanian University, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Department of Dentistry, Tirana
  • Joana Mihani University of Medicine Tirana, Department of Pharmacy, Tirana
Keywords: Antibiotics, Dental prescriptions, Periodontitis


BACKGROUND: Periodontal disease has been and will be a challenge for dentists in the entirety of oral pathologies. To date, there is no data regarding the prescription of antibiotics for periodontitis in the district of Tirana.

AIM: Evaluate aspects related to the pattern of prescription of antibiotics among dentists in Tirana region for periodontitis.

METHODS: Prescriptions from dental practitioners were collected from 25 pharmacies, randomly selected. The only prescription containing a diagnosis of periodontitis, with at least one antibiotic given, was included in the study. Data analysis was done with SPSS 20.

RESULTS: Out of 1159 initial prescriptions, only 314 met the selection criteria. The average age of patients was 39.91 ± 15.21 years. Mean duration of therapies was 5.57 ± 1.5 days. The most common form of prescription was one broad-spectrum antibiotic (74.5%), combined antibiotics therapy (22.3%) and narrow-spectrum antibiotic (3.2%). Combined antibiotics involved the use of Metronidazole with Amoxicillin (12.1%) and Metronidazole with Spiramycin (10.2%). Significant differences in the patterns of prescription were identified in relation with patient age and therapy duration (P < 0.05). No statistical difference was found in the patient’s gender and the typology of the therapy (P > 0.05).

CONCLUSIONS: Our study shows prescription characteristics of antibiotics for periodontal disease by dentists in Tirana for the first time. Amoxycillin is the most prescribed antibiotic, followed by amoxicillin with clavulanic acid. We found variation in dosage, frequency and duration for all antibiotics used, and perceptible discrepancies between observed and recommended practice. Guidelines on rational antibiotic use are needed for dental practitioners in Tirana and the Republic of Albania for better management of periodontitis and resistance prevention.


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