Prevalence of Malocclusion among Male School Children in Riyadh City

  • Fahad M. Albakri Advance Education General Dentistry and Dental Public Health, Riyadh
  • Navin Ingle Advance Education General Dentistry and Dental Public Health, Riyadh
  • Mansour K. Assery Advance Education General Dentistry and Dental Public Health, Riyadh
Keywords: Malocclusion, Prevalence, School Children, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


BACKGROUND: Malocclusion is defined as irregularity of the teeth or a molar relationship between the dental arches beyond the range of what is accepted as normal.

AIM: To determine the prevalence of malocclusion among male school children aged 12-15 years old in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Five hundred (500) school children in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia with an age of 12-15 years participated in this study. The prevalence of malocclusion among the students was determined using a clinical examination form specially prepared for this study. The required information was collected from each subject, and descriptive statistics were performed.

RESULTS: The Molar Class I relation involved the highest percentage of the sample (71.2%) while Class II relation involved only 23% which was four times of Class III (5.8%). The maxillary arch crowding was present in 23.2% of the sample which was double than that of spacing. Whereas, the mandibular arch crowding was present in 28% of the sample which was three times more than spacing (8.8%). The open bite was present in 4% of the sample while deep bite was present in 9.6%.

CONCLUSION: The prevalence of malocclusion involved the highest percentage in Class I in comparison with other malocclusions.


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