Brucellosis as the Cause of Non-Viral Bacterial Hepatitis: A Case Report

  • Bilger ÇavuÅŸ Bingöl State Hospital, Gastroenterology Department
  • Özge Çaydaşı Bingöl State Hospital, Infectious Disease Department
  • Ahmet Aktan Bingöl State Hospital, Radiology Department
  • Ercan Ayaz Bingöl State Hospital, Radiology Department
Keywords: Brucellosis, Acute hepatitis, Liver transaminases


BACKGROUND: Brucellosis can lead to different clinical pictures such as hepatomegaly, granulomatous liver disease, hepatic abscess, and it can cause mild hepatic transaminase elevation in the laboratory investigations.

CASE REPORT: We found out that the etiologic agent was Brucella in our two cases admitted with acute hepatitis presentation in the investigations conducted. Liver transaminases were as follows for case 1 and case 2; AST: 306/187U/L, ALT: 368/312U/L, ALP: 355/264U/L, GGT: 116/197U/L, LDH: 887/549U/L, respectively. Sacroiliitis also accompanied the clinical picture in our first case. Our patients showed clinical and laboratory improvement with rifampicin, doxycycline, (additional streptomycin for 21 days in the patient with sacroiliitis) treatment.

CONCLUSION: Brucellosis which may manifest as a clinical picture regarding numerous medical branches should be considered in case of acute hepatitis, especially in endemic regions, along with viral hepatitis.


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