Comparison of Diagnostic Value of Sonourethrography with Retrograde Urethrography in Diagnosis of Anterior Urethral Stricture

Reza Shahsavari, Seyed Morteza Bagheri, Hamed Iraji


BACKGROUND: In spite of the advanced imaging methods, MRI and CT-Scan, the role of ultrasonography is still unique in some fields of genitourinary tract diseases.

AIM: This study was aimed at assessing this role in the evaluation of male urinary stricture, and comparison with standard retrograde urethrography (SUG).

METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study. The patients include those who were suspected of anterior urethral stricture and were introduced assessed with imaging techniques (RUG). The patient underwent ultrasonography too. The results of both methods were compared. RUG was considered as the gold standard for this comparison.

RESULT: Ninety-seven patients were studied. The mean age was 46.9 ± 11.7 years (range 21-88 years), in RUG, 22 patients (22.8%) and SUG 23 patients (23.7%) had a stricture, 3 cases with a stricture in RUG had not evidenced of stenosis in SUG. The mean length of urethral stricture in RUG was 12.9 ± 8.1 mm and in SUG was 8.1 ± 7.3 mm. The estimated length in RUG way was significantly higher than SUG way(P=0.025).The sensitivity and specificity in using of SUG were 86.6% and 94.6%, respectively.

CONCLUSION: The result of this study showed stricture length measured by ultrasound is shorter than the length measured by RUG and the sensitivity and specificity in using of SUG was 86.6% and 94.6% respectively that due to the advantages it is an acceptable way.


Retrograde urethrography; Sonourethrography; Anterior urethral stricture

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