New Surgical Technologies Could Facilitate Surgical Hemostasis in Hemophilic Patients

Milcho J. Panovski, Igor V. Fildishevski, Ljubomir Lj. Ognjenovic, Violeta I. Dejanova-Ilijevska


BACKGROUND: It’s assumed that surgery in haemophilia can be accomplished these days safely.

AIM: The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of new surgical technologies in the perioperative management and outcome of surgical procedures in haemophiliacs.

METHODS: Two patients with mild haemophilia A underwent surgery (laparoscopic appendectomy and inguinal hernia repair). In both patients, the replacement therapy, with factor VIII, started 30 min before surgery. We used the available surgical technologies and techniques with a proven value in the best clinical practice, to achieve proper and permanent hemostasis. Postoperatively, the replacement therapy and thromboembolic prophylaxis was continued according to the international guidelines for the management of haemophilia.

RESULTS: The operative and post-operative periods were uneventful. No significant differences were found in the operation time in our hemophilic patients versus non-hemophilic patients. Significant differences related to the hospital stay duration were found in both patients compared with controls, due to the necessary replacement therapy.

CONCLUSION: With new surgical technologies, proper and permanent hemostasis can be achieved, without prolonging the operation time.


Haemophilia; surgical hemostasis; Perioperative outcome; advanced bipolar technologies; Factor supply

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