Parkinsonism as a Complication of Bariatric Surgery

  • Walaa A. Kamel Neurolgy, Ibn Sina Hospital
  • Jasem Y. Al Hashel Neurolgy, Ibn Sina Hospital
  • Ayman Kilany Neurolgy, Ibn Sina Hospital
  • Samira Altailji Nuclear Medicine, Ibn Sina Hospital
Keywords: parkinsonism, vitamin deficiency, complication, bariatric surgery, Kuwait


BACKGROUND: The association between Parkinsonism and BS has already been reported in only three patients worldwide.

CASE SUMMARY: We report a 39-years old Kuwaiti female who presented with parkinsonian features and mononeuropathy (carpal tunnel syndrome) 3 years after a vertical sleeve gastrectomy operation.

CONCLUSION: We conclude that with the increasing popularity of bariatric surgery, clinicians will need to recognize and manage neurologic complications that may appear soon after or years to decades later. Thorough evaluation is essential for any patient who has undergone bariatric surgery and develops neurologic symptoms.


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