The Effectively of Papaya Consumption (Carica papaya Linn.), Vitamin C, and Fe Tablets in Improving Hemoglobin Levels for Adolescent Girls with Anemia in Polytechnic of Health-Ministry of Health, Aceh

  • Cut Nurhasanah Department of Midwifery, Polytechnic of Health-Ministry of Health, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Yushida Yushida Department of Midwifery, Ministry of Health Polytechnic of Meulaboh, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Nisrina Hanum Department of Midwifery, Ministry of Health Polytechnic of Meulaboh, Aceh, Indonesia
Keywords: Papaya consumption, Feature tablets, Improving hemoglobin, Adolescent girls


BACKGROUND: Anemia is a nutritional problem that affects the amount of hemoglobin in red blood cells experienced by many young women in the Polytechnic of Health-Ministry of Health. Aceh. One of the alternatives for preventing and controlling anemia is to consume papaya fruit and tablet extraction.

AIM: Analyzing the benefits of taking Papaya (Carica papaya Linn.) Vitamin C and Fe tablet to increase hemoglobin levels in anemia adolescent girls.

METHODS: About 45 participants were involved. They were divided into three groups for 15 correspondents in each group. The participants with anemia were all girls who were students of Aceh Health Polytechnic. A quasi-experimental design was used with a non-randomized pretest-posttest control group design. The first group was given papaya and Fe treatment; then the second group was given Vitamin C and Fe treatment, and the third group was given Fe treatment. To analyze the data, univariate analysis and bivariable analysis were used to test paired t-test and one-way ANOVA.

RESULTS: The results show that there was an increase in hemoglobin levels in all groups (Papaya and Fe groups, Vitamin C and Fe, Fe). The statistical results of the one-way ANOVA test showed that there were significant differences in changes in hemoglobin levels (p > 0.05). The administration of papaya + Fe increases hemoglobin levels more than Vitamin C + Fe. The difference in average hemoglobin levels in each group due to the consumption of papaya containing Vitamin C together with Fe tablets was effective for increasing hemoglobin levels. This is in line with the prevention of anemia. Naturally, one of these can be done by eating fruits that contain lots of Vitamin C.

CONCLUSION: Giving papaya + Fe has been proven to be more effective in increasing hemoglobin levels in adolescent girls suffering from anemia.


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