South East European Journal of Human Genetics

South East European Journal of Human Genetics (SEEJHG) is an international, blind refereed peer-reviewed journal that promotes a wide range of research areas in the field of human genetics.

South East European Journal of Human Genetics (SEEJHG) presents original and timely articles on all aspects of human genetics. Coverage includes gene structure and organization; gene expression; mutation detection and analysis; linkage analysis and genetic mapping; physical mapping; cytogenetics and genomic imaging; genome structure and organization; disease association studies; molecular diagnostics; genetic epidemiology; evolutionary genetics; developmental genetics; genotype-phenotype relationships; molecular genetics of tumorigenesis; genetics of complex diseases and epistatic interactions; ethical, legal and social issues and bioinformatics.

Our audience is the international medical community as well as educators, policy makers, patient advocacy groups, and interested members of the public around the world. SEE Journal of Human Genetics is published continuously online.


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Vol 2015 (2015): SEE J Hum Genet

Table of Contents

Basic Human Genetics

Aleksandar Petlichkovski, Eli Djulejic, Dejan Trajkov, Olivija Efinska-Mladenovska, Slavica Hristomanova Mitkovska, Mirko Spiroski